Lezyne - Rap ii 25 Co2 Bike Multitool- Black


Functional, traditional-style Lezyne RAP multi-tools.

Unbeatable style, functionality and value from these durable multi tools. Lightweight aluminium side plates, with a magnetic quick link holder. New longer steel bits and featuring new Black Anti-Corrosion technology.

Included Tool Bits
  Weight Hex 2 Hex 2.2 Hex 3 Hex 4 Hex 5 Hex 6 Hex 8 Torx 10 Torx 25 Torx 30 Phil H Flat H Quick Link Alloy CB Steel CB Rotor Tuning Tubeless Tyre Lever Bottle Opener Spoke Wrench CO2 Knife
RAP 8 92g                                
RAP 12 125g                    
RAP 19 155g                  
RAP 25 183g