Troy Lee D3 Fiberlite Helmet

£279.00 £299.99

The D4 Polyacrylate Helmet is a lightweight but strong full face helmet, made to keep downhill and BMX aficionados cool and safe in the event of an off. As well as delivering a dose of Troy Lee Design style it is also practical, being quick drying and odour resistant.

Importantly, it offers many of Troy Lees' best safety features, including MIPS C2 protection against rotational forces, an EPS impact absorbing liner and an impact resistant ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shell. As well, it comes with an adjustable visor that will protect your eyes from flying mud or the sun but can be raised to maximise your visibility if needed.

An impressive 16 vents work to keep you cool as you ride, speeding the air through the front air intake system, then around your head to take away heat. Nonetheless, we all get a bit sweaty while racing, which is why this helmet includes quick dry comfort padding, which is also antimicrobial and anti-odour, so that it will feel great and smell fresh every time you put it on.

Strong, dependable and unmistakeably Troy Lee, the D4 Polyacrylate Helmet offers the protection and comfort you need for stunting or dialling in your DH riding technique in the run-up to race day.

  • A safe, robust BMX and downhill helmet with signature TLD style
  • With MIPS C2 and EPS liner protection
  • Shell is made from strong, hard ABS
  • With 16 vents and front intake air system
  • Features adjustable visor
  • With emergency removal cheek pads
  • Secured by padded strap with robust D-Ring buckle and snap
  • With quick-dry, antimicrobial, anti-odour X-static® and XT2 padding
  • Comes with protective helmet sock
  • Weighs 1150g