Discover the freedom of gravel and bikepacking adventures with the improved control provided by the PRO Discover Alloy 30 Handlebar. Its drops feature a 30-degree flare which provides a wide base from which to pilot your gravel bike through technical terrain.

As gravel bikes become more capable and you become more adapt at navigating technical terrain on yours you will want to push the limits more and more. That’s what the PRO Discover Alloy 30 Handlebar is designed for. It allows you to steer through technical terrain or conquer high speed gravel descents with confidence, due to the wide base its 30-degree flared drops provide. Constructed from aluminium it is both light and robust, ensuring it will survive the harshest of gravel and bikepacking adventures. In addition to the 30-degree flare it boasts oversized tops for improved ergonomics and a compact bend to the drop; which makes changing hand position from the tops or hoods to the drops easy, even on rutted, unpaved, roads. Discover new limits and push yourself further with the Discover Alloy 30 Handlebars.

  • Gravel bike specific handlebar
  • Features 30-degree flare to the drops for improved control
  • Oversized tops for improved ergonomics
  • Alloy construction
  • Flare: 30-degrees
  • Sweep: 5-degrees
  • Clamping Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width: 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm
  • Weight: 275g