The Muc-Off Tubeless Tag Holder offers a discreet way to install a tracker inside your rear tubeless bicycle tyre in conjunction with our All-New Tubeless Valves (will also work with our V1 presta valves), meaning you can track down your bike in the event of theft and can locate it using the Find My iPhone App. Your tracker will be housed in a protective, 3-part silicone and rubber tubeless valve mount and supplied with our range of tubeless valve bases, so you can ensure an airtight seal is achieved against your rim when installing inside your tubeless tyre.

  • Easy to install
  • Optimised to fit with our Tubeless Presta Valves
  • Durable rubber stem mount body allows air and sealant to flow through freely
  • Silicone top cover protects tracker
  • Doesn't block tracker signal
  • Supplied with 3 pairs of our rubber valve bases
  • No-rattle design holds tracker securely in place
  • Complete with 1pr black 44mm valves