Muc-Off Punk Powder Bike Cleaner (2 Pack) - New

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You can re-use your old Muc-Off bottle or our new aluminium
Bottle for Life and clean with a guilt-free conscience. It also works with
our pressure washer to create an awesome foam for the fastest
clean possible!
What’s even cooler is that if you want to be the ultimate eco warrior, you
can even use rainwater to re-fill your bottle and mix with your PUNK
Powder sachet! As well as being eco-friendly you can massively reduce
the amount of processed tap water you are using to clean your bike.
Any type of water from the water network, rainwater or natural water
can be used as long as it is clean. This means when you’re out on your
next biking adventure in the middle of nowhere and you want to top up
and clean your bike you’ll have no issue doing so from a stream or river.
Take this one step further and for a completely plastic free bike wash
you could use our Silicone Scrubber gloves and a metal or wooden
wash bucket.
Simply pour two sachets of PUNK Powder into a bucket of water and
mix up ready to clean your two wheeled pride and joy.