Lezyne - V Pro 7 bike Multitool - Black in

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Lezyne "V-Pro" Series Multi Tools
Premium quality CNC Chromoly bits, with new Black Anti-Corrosion coating, longer bits and more functionality. Available with 7, 10, 11, 13 and 17 functions.

Included Tool Bits
  Weight Hex 2 Hex 2.2 Hex 3 Hex 4 Hex 5 Hex 6 Hex 8 Torx 10 Torx 25 Torx 30 Phil H Flat H Quick Link Alloy CB Steel CB Rotor Tuning Tubeless Tyre Lever Bottle Opener Spoke Wrench CO2 Knife
V PRO 7 65g                              
V PRO 10 102g                        
V PRO 11 96g                      
V PRO 13 1514g                  
V PRO 17 122g                      
Hex: Wrench and Size in mm.
Star Shaped: Size.
Phillips-Head Driver.
Flat Head Driver.
Chain Quick Link.
Alloy Chain Breaker.
Steel Chain Breaker.
Rotor Tuning, Disc Piston Seporator Wedge and Bottle Opener.
Tubeless Needle and Plug Carrier.
Tire Lever: Open end 10mm.
Bottle Opener: Open End 8mm, Disk Brake Wedge
Spoke Wrenches: Mavic Mtb, 3.22, 3.45.
Integrated CO2 Dispenser
Serrated Knife 60mm