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Lezyne Helmet Hecto Drive 500XL LED USB Rechargeable Light

Lezyne Helmet Hecto Drive 500XL LED USB Rechargeable Light
The Lezyne Helmet Lite Drive 500XL LED USB Rechargeable Light is Powerful, lightweight helmet-mounted bicycle light with up to 500 lumens of output. It’s constructed from CNC-machined aluminium with built-in cooling fins providing optimal heat management and durability. With a GoPro-style mounting interface and a versatile Velcro mounting strap with a Composite Matrix base, the Helmet Lite Drive 500XL is a low-profile LED that follows the user’s line-of-sight for superior visibility and excellent night riding capabilities. The light is Micro-USB rechargeable, providing up to 20 hours of runtime. Advanced programming offers eight output modes, including a highly disruptive Daytime Flash mode, which are further enhanced by our custom MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens along with side visibility.

Key features:
  • Recharges via Micro USB
  • Go-Pro style mounting system
  • Up to eight light output modes
  • Max runtime of 20 hours, with a recharge time of 2.5 hours
  • Weighs just 84g
Light output and run times:
  • Blast: 500 Lumens - 1:00 (h : min)
  • Enduro: 200 lumens - 2:00 (h : min)
  • Economy: 100 lumens - 4:00 (h : min)
  • Femto: 15 lumens - 20:00 (h : min)
  • Flash 1: 50 lumens - 13:30 (h : min)
  • Flash 2: 50 lumens - 13:30 (h : min)
  • Day Flash: 500 lumens - 5:45 (h : min)
  • Pulse - 50 lumens - 15:00 (h : min)

"The Lezyne Hecto Drive 500XL is a decently priced 'be-seen-by' light with just enough punch to see where you're going in an emergency. It's sturdily built and easy to use, and its quick recharge time and long burn-times in the flashing modes mean it lends itself well to year-round commuting...On the whole I like the Hecto Drive 500XL. If it isn't on the bike it's a good one to have in your rucksack. It's so small you can just bung it in in case of an emergency, working best as a be-seen-by light but capable of letting you see where you're going if you need it."