Granite AUX E+ Carbon Side Loading Bottle Cage & Long Strap

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No room for a bottle? No problem!

The Granite Aux E+ is specially designed to provide an easier solution for carrying water on Ebikes.

Fits frames from 70mm to 130mm. AUX will strap a lightweight, safe and secure side-loading cage to your fat downtube so you'll never go thirsty again.

The Kit uses silicone coated hook-and-loop straps and grippy rubber pads for a rock-solid fit that won’t leave your bottle on the trails.

The AUX E+ bottle cage is a lightweight, side-loading cage that makes Aux E+ easy to use and ideal for your e-bike's fat downtube.

The strap-on design allows you to attach your bottle cage anywhere. Allows near limitless options and the ability to carry extra bottles

Super tough carbon fibre, reinforced with thermoplastics keeps weight low and strength up. Weighs just 45g.

Silicon coated straps ensure Aux will stay put through the roughest terrain.

* Side-loading design is perfect for frames with limited space.
* Includes AUX bottle cage and Strap Kit
* Includes 2 sets of straps to fit tube diameter from 70 to 130mm outer diameter.
* Silicone rubber pad cushioned between the cage and the frame for grip and protection
* Silicone coated hook-and-loop straps provide tight grip for the cage.