Renthal FatBar Lite Carbon 780mm Width Zero Rise

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The Renthal Fatbar Lite Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar is the ultimate race winning enduro handlebar.
The market leading weight of 190g is achieved by efficient material removal techniques. The bar retains all off the strength, durability, and flex characteristics of the original FlatBar Lite Carbon MTB handlebar.
The FatBar Lite Carbon MTB bar is constructed from full UD (uni-directional) carbon fibre layered and aligned to maximise strength and stiffness where needed. This also allows tuning of the fibres to give unrivalled comfort and flex where needed.
Handlebar Specification
Width - 780mm
Backsweep - 7°
Upsweep - 5°
Rise - Zero
Clamping Diameter - 31.8mm
Weight -