DMR Moto DJ Tyres


ime To Go Moto!
The brand new DMR Moto DJ tyre is the successor to the legendary DMR Supermoto which dominated trails and skateparks for over ten years.

Created in collaboration with Vee Tire Co., the Moto DJ retains the performance and aesthetic of the Supermoto, and is brought bang up to date as a modern performance tyre. This is the number one choice for Dirt Jumps, Pumptracks, Skateparks and Street.

Made in collaboration with VeeTireCo.
• Lightweight construction with a fast rolling pattern.
• Compact and aggressive low-profile tyre tread blocks give firm positive grip on hardpack dirt and street terrain.
• Knurled ‘micro-grip’ contact surface for skate-park type riding.
• Round tyre profile with slightly taller shoulder blocks for extra bite in the berms.
• Low block height reduces weight and makes the tread blocks stiffer giving better bite.
• Available in Steel bead or Folding bead, skin wall or black wall.
• Folding bead option has a super supple 120tpi casing.

Steel Bead:
• 26” x 2.2”.
• 72 tpi.
• 750g.
• Skin wall or black wall options.

Folding Bead:
• 26” x 2.2”.
• 120 tpi.
• 695g.
• Black Wall only.