Sportful Reflex Vest

£29.99 £50.00

For when a vest is enough to ensure protection from the wind and provide visibility, without compromising breathability. For riding at night where the temperatures never drop by much.

Try showing up at the start of a randonnee, an ultracycling race, or a similar event. If the start is in the evening, as often happens, you’ll realize how popular our Reflex Jacket is. When the key is visibility, this is the garment that many cyclists rely on. The Reflex Vest is simply the same piece without sleeves, for summer rides when there’s no danger of rain and the temperature is pleasant. A better fit, a new reflective pattern, and the same type of protection from wind and light rain. This garment offers such unbeatable value for money that you’ll want to get both versions and wait to decide which to use right before the race.

Key Features

  • Ample reflective areas for maximum visibility
  • Fabric with internal coating for wind and light rain protection
  • Stretch trim on bottom of jacket for a close, aerodynamic fit
  • Full-length front zip for maximum ease of use