Muc-Off eBike Drivetrain Tool

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If you own an E-Bike, then you’ll know that cleaning and lubing your chain is a tricky business, as the crank doesn’t spin backwards like a regular bike unless it’s flipped upside down - which can scratch components. In addition, using an Allen key in your crank bolt can get stuck, or worse, damage your precious cranks! So, we knew we needed to come to the rescue with a rad new tool that enables riders to quickly and easily clean and lube their E-Bike.
Our new E-Bike precision-machined Crank Tool contains three different sized tool bits which snap into place with a magnetized connection, all wrapped up in a durable CNC machined 6061 aluminium body. It fits straight onto a chain ring, so the crank can be spun backwards, and the protective silicone sleeve prevents any crank damage.
It comes supplied with a handy lanyard and carabiner clip, so riders can keep the tool on hand for when the drivetrain needs some lovin’!